My Life This Week #8

Last week was pretty exhausting. I was feeling sick, and the husband was very sick (still is, actually). Although the hospital is only about 7 minutes away from where we live, I found the daily visits to be quite taxing. I guess worrying about the test results, waiting for the doctor, and wondering how to bring a high fever down does take its toll.

Waiting for a seminar to start on the first day of the week. I paid the fee the day before but forgot to send a copy of the proof of payment to the organizer, so I wasn’t on the list. No biggie. Good thing I brought the deposit slip with me!


The story of my (shoe) life.


Bought a lamp, desk and chair for my home “office”. I love the blue!


Day 1 at the hospital, waiting to see the pulmonologist


Day 2 , back at the hospital, waiting for the blood test results


After being cooped up at home (apart from the daily hospital trips) the whole week, Julio started getting cabin fever. A drive to U.P. for fishballs and a cookie, and to get some air.


Drawing in the soil


Wearing mismatched patterns for a walk around the block


Written on the wall in the bathroom of Jamba Juice BHS


Getting ready to jump!


Playing with Legos, and refusing to leave. Julio and I would say, “Let’s go, Bea?” and she would reply, “Not yet.” or “Building house.”



30 Off! Week 3

Still just 5 lbs. down. I know it’s not an excuse, but I was feeling pretty sick the first half of the week. Plus Julio was diagnosed with dengue so I was more than a little worried. We were at the hospital every morning from Tuesday to Friday so he could get a complete blood count, and he wasn’t diagnosed with dengue for sure until Thursday.


In any case, was I able to work out? Heck no. Did I eat better? I suppose I did but I went back to eating starch Friday. Worst of all, I had instant noodles for lunch today. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold out this week, even with the trip to Baguio!

Current Weight: 125 lbs.


My Life This Week # 7

Last week turned out to be my cheat week. I’ll have to get back on track and be good this week. I promise to try to eat better this time around!

Dog walking in U.P.


Mommy-and-me pink rubber shoes


Bitter gourds growing in our “garden”


Didn’t know what else to cook for dinner so I bought ready-to-cook BBQ pork chops and threw together a salad of fuji apples, corn and arugula with roasted sesame dressing. And of course, a bottle of ice-cold Corona to wash it all down.


Lunch with Julio and Bea at the new restaurant in the neighbourhood, π Breakfast and Pies. Their compost cookies were pretty good, BTW.


Eggs Benny at the same resto


Waiting at the new Starbucks at 151 Shaw (or was it 515? I don’t remember)


At a friend’s house, this amazing chandelier made out of capiz balls and roots


Dinner with some good friends after ages of not seeing one another!


Lazy Sunday breakfast – poached egg with chorizo, corn and croutons. Recipe from Serious Eats. That’s Bea, stealing a crouton from my bowl. She loves bread!


30 Off! Week 2

I’ve fallen off the wagon and gone back to my pre-diet weight.

That’s right – I gained back the 4 lbs. I lost. Make that 5 lbs., because I lost another pound sometime at the beginning of the week. Then the weekend rolled around and I gained it ALL back. I must admit, I have not exactly been eating healthily nor have I been sticking to my self-imposed one serving rule.

Bugger. I can’t believe I gained 5 lbs. in the span of just as many days! I started the week properly but began eating junk food and other no-nos by Wednesday. I did work out twice this week, so yay for me on that end. I even had a little workout partner!




Bea has her own kettlebell (given to her by one of Julio’s friends) but, don’t worry, she is not yet allowed to even carry it.

I do have to give myself a slap on the wrist for cheating (a lot!) this week. I had cake and donuts and dessert and lots of starch. Bad Ynez.

So I promise to do much better this week. More veg and NO cheating at all, since I cheated almost every day last week. Let’s just keep the McDonalds double cheeseburger and fries I had for lunch yesterday a secret, deal? Just between you and me though, that meal was not at all worth it.

Current Weight: 130 lbs. – again!

My Life This Week #6

Last week started out so slowly, then Wednesday onwards became a blur. Nothing really happened during the week, as I had to make up for work I missed out on when we were away. But by the time the weekend rolled around, I was able to take some snapshots of what I was up to.

Stuck indoors because of a rainy morning


Checked out the new mall that opened up in our area – U.P. Town Center


Tried out the new neighborhood cupcake place.


The interiors were too cute!


I do like the way they decorated the place. Very shabby chic.


Lunch with relatives to welcome home my uncle, who moved back to Manila after about 40 years in Switzerland.


Bea trying to figure out how to get in on the cousin fun


Walking in her Papa’s slippers


More adventures next week!


30 Off! Week 1

A week’s gone by since I started my diet. I lost 4 lbs. within 4 days but my weight’s plateaued since then.

What have I been doing differently? Not eating starch, for one. For someone who is used to having rice or pasta or bread or potatoes with every meal, it’s been easier than I thought it would be. I’ve cheated (quite a lot!) and had a teeny slice of cake for dessert or just one piece of chocolate, or even an Oreo, but generally I’m right on track. I haven’t been cooking with salt. I’ve also been eating things like this lentil dish. It was pretty tasteless, and on hindsight I should have probably used dried lentils instead of canned.


Or this corned beef and bean concoction with fried egg for breakfast. I know it doesn’t look appetizing, but it’s pretty darned good. After eliminating salt from our food, this one seemed a bit too salty. But it was good enough to wolf down anyway.


I know, I know. I said we were going to go on a Paleo diet. And legumes, apparently, aren’t on the list of Paleo food. But we were going the Slow-Carb route too, and I had loaded my pantry shelf with cans of beans. Julio said to just use up the stock of canned beans we have then go Paleo as much as possible. I love beans. I think I was okay giving up the starch because I could have beans. But now, no starch and no beans? We’ll see how that goes.

What else have I been up to? I’ve also done some exercise. Not much, mind you. Just twice since I started the weight loss program. We took Bea to U.P. to practice riding her Strider bike, and Julio watched her while I took a 30-minute walk.


In my first post in the 30 Off! series, I mentioned that Julio created a workout program for me. I’m supposed to do it twice a week for 2 weeks, then increase the number of workout days. In the one week since I started the diet, I’ve only done it once. And it was tough! It consists of swinging a 10-kg kettlebell and doing squats. My legs and arms were pretty much Jello by the time I was done. And my butt ached the next day. Still, I suppose I might as well stick to the regimen if it’s going to help me lose weight faster. Although I’m sure the cheat weekend didn’t do my body any favors.

Current Weight: 126 lbs.


A Mid-week Break

When my sister and her fiancé (now husband) got engaged, they knew they wanted a small wedding. But in Manila, having a wedding with only 50 guests is close to impossible. A lot of toes will be stepped on, there will be loads of hard feelings. So Isabel and Nicky decided to have their wedding on a weekday and invite just their families and closest friends.

Which is what we drove to Tagaytay on a Tuesday for. My mom said we would schedule to leave at 10 a.m. and of course, we didn’t leave until nearly an hour later. Here’s Bea, all ready to go. I packed several snacks for her to eat in case she got hungry in the car, and she didn’t touch a single one.


We stopped for lunch in Sta. Rosa and it was another 45 minutes to an hour before we reached our destination, Balai Taal.

This gorgeous house was to be our home for a couple of nights. This place was huge! There were 5 bedrooms, plus maids’ quarters, a living room for each floor, a dining room and kitchen on the bottom floor, and a garden. We all fit quite comfortably.


The view was amazing. I would sit on the lounge chair by our bedroom, which was right next to a window with a view of Taal Lake, and try to read a book. My dad, who loves the sun, was soaking in the view too.


We all took advantage of the lazy day and disappeared into our rooms for a siesta, only to emerge a couple of hours later to have merienda at Bag of Beans. By the time we got there, it was getting a bit close to dinner time so we decided to stop by Santis and buy Wasa crackers, salami and cheese for a light dinner. Isabel was getting a little stressed too, so it was good that we had a relaxed dinner at the house instead of shuttling everyone out to a restaurant.

Marmalade with cheese sounds gross but it was actually really good with the Roquefort cheese – not so much with the brie.


The garden lights were turned on once evening hit, and it made the place look even better. Nicky’s family rented that identical house next door.


My younger brother, Jiro, and his girlfriend, Cristina, drove to Tagaytay after work that day and only arrived at the house after dinner. Apparently Jiro had badgered Cristina so much about leaving Manila already that she forgot her dress at home. Yes. The dress she was to wear for the wedding. Luckily, my older brother and his family were arriving from Singapore early the next day so the driver could swing by Cristina’s house to pick up the dress before heading to the airport. Crisis averted.

The next morning, the big day, I woke up early to catch up on my reading and admire the view from my divan. Later on, I hear the shuffling of feet in our bedroom, and out comes this little sweetheart.


After a leisurely breakfast at Starbucks, we all headed back to the house to relax before it was time to get ready. We had one mission: to tire Bea out so she would nap before the wedding and walk down the aisle as flower girl. So out came the bubble wand.


In the end, everyone else but her seemed to be tired. True enough, she only fell asleep on the way to the church. She only woke up when we removed her from her car seat. She consented to practice walking beside me, and that went well. Did she walk down the aisle? I’d love to say yes. Bea took one look at the strangers around her and decided she’d rather be carried, thank you very much.

The church was small, but beautiful. It had brick walls and large stained-glass windows. Most brides are weepy when they walk down the aisle, but my sister laughed as she neared the altar. She found it funny that Nicky (and everyone) was crying. That was the first of many amusing things that happened that night.

The reception was held at Antonio’s. I love that restaurant and would dine there more often if I could. The food was delicious and the speeches heartwarming. My dad had a few drinks, which was a shocker because he doesn’t really drink! But we all enjoyed ourselves. I love my family. My sister was a beautiful bride. And her groom wasn’t so bad either.


The next morning, we all gathered at the dining area for a breakfast of McDonald’s sausage mcmuffins and hash browns. While Isabel and Nicky had to stay behind to have lunch with his family, the rest of us checked out and had lunch at Taalena. It’s a restaurant that serves Filipino food along the ridge.

And because of all that eating, I decided – no, needed – to go on a diet.


My Life This Week #5

Bea opening one of many presents for her second birthday. Check out my dad’s colorful shorts!


Tagaytay for my sister’s wedding. Check out that view from the house we stayed at!


Breakfast at Starbucks on the big day. This branch had huge windows and balconies that opened up to the view of Taal Lake.


Bea and cousin Kai reunited! My daughter was the more enthusiastic of the two.


The beautiful stained glass windows of the tiny church where Isabel and Nicky got married. Too bad that photographer was in the way.


Watching these two play together – sort of.


Celebrating my dad’s 66th birthday at a lovely little restaurant in the Makati Garden Club.


Monthly Sunday lunch at my grand-aunt’s house. That’s my mom smiling for the camera.


Taking Bea to U.P. to practice riding her Strider bike. She was more interested in riding the skateboards my brother and sister brought though.


While Julio watched Bea, I walked one round around the academic oval. I stopped to watch these little ones play football. On second thought, maybe they weren’t so little after all.


Looks like everyone thought it was a nice afternoon to get out for a bit of fresh air and exercise.


I really should rename this series to My Life Last Week, or something to that effect. Any suggestions on a new series title? Let me know!


30 Off!

As mentioned in a previous post, my husband and I started the Paleo/Slow-Carb diet last week and we were pretty good about it. However, my sister got married this week and for 3 days we ate like pigs. I stepped on a weighing scale last night (at Julio’s insistence) and was shocked to see that I now weigh 130 lbs. Holy moly. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been, and I actually teared up when I got off that cursed thing. For my height, I should weigh 100 lbs. Now I haven’t been that light since I was in high school some 15 years ago. But this is just insane! And I suppose, being married to a strength and conditioning coach, I should be more physically fit than I am. I was looking at photos of me taken at the wedding and I must say, I could definitely stand to lose weight.


I was joking around and saying my necklace was so tight that it would snap if I flexed. After seeing pictures, I realize just how true that was!

We talked about it, and I said I’d like to lose 30 lbs. I was going to say 10 lbs., to make it easier, but Julio said that I’ll have to work just as hard as I would trying to lose more weight. Then he asked me what my goal was, time-wise. I was going to say 3 months but that might be too ambitious so I said 6 months.

My goal is to look like this again (a picture of me 10 years ago)


So today, I’m going to start a new weekly blog series called 30 Off! This will document my success (or failure) at weight-loss. I figure, if I write about it for everyone to see then that should be additional motivation for me to work at it. We’re going to do a combination of the Paleo and Slow-Carb diets,  which I suppose just means no carbs, no sweets, and no salt. To understand it fully, my husband is going to do more reading up on it and will just give me the dummy version – what’s allowed and what isn’t. Julio has also made a program for me to start on Monday, and wants me to make a daily food log. Hopefully I can do this!

Current Weight: 130 lbs.


My Life This Week #4

I really should rename this series to My Life Last Week or something to that effect. I haven’t been posting on Sundays, which is the day I had hoped to post for this series.

Merienda with Bea, my dad and brother at my dad’s favorite merienda spot.


Julio and I started on the Paleo Diet/Slow-Carb Diet. Probably more for my sake than his though. It tastes just as bad as it looks.


This dish was much better, but still tasteless as salt is a no-no. Boo.


Bea’s birthday breakfast – chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and bacon. We made that day a cheat day. Yippee!


The birthday girl testing out her Strider bike.


Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake for the first time!




And a fantastic strawberry shortcake to end the week.


Notice anything? Mostly photos of food!