30 Off! Week 3

Still just 5 lbs. down. I know it’s not an excuse, but I was feeling pretty sick the first half of the week. Plus Julio was diagnosed with dengue so I was more than a little worried. We were at the hospital every morning from Tuesday to Friday so he could get a complete blood count, and he wasn’t diagnosed with dengue for sure until Thursday.


In any case, was I able to work out? Heck no. Did I eat better? I suppose I did but I went back to eating starch Friday. Worst of all, I had instant noodles for lunch today. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold out this week, even with the trip to Baguio!

Current Weight: 125 lbs.


One thought on “30 Off! Week 3

  1. Dengue fever is such a devastating illness for young children. We received the doctors permission to allow him to drink camote (sweet potato) tea, it helped. We drink camote or papaya tea each morning for breakfast. Hope Julio will pull through this encounter.

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