My Life This Week #8

Last week was pretty exhausting. I was feeling sick, and the husband was very sick (still is, actually). Although the hospital is only about 7 minutes away from where we live, I found the daily visits to be quite taxing. I guess worrying about the test results, waiting for the doctor, and wondering how to bring a high fever down does take its toll.

Waiting for a seminar to start on the first day of the week. I paid the fee the day before but forgot to send a copy of the proof of payment to the organizer, so I wasn’t on the list. No biggie. Good thing I brought the deposit slip with me!


The story of my (shoe) life.


Bought a lamp, desk and chair for my home “office”. I love the blue!


Day 1 at the hospital, waiting to see the pulmonologist


Day 2 , back at the hospital, waiting for the blood test results


After being cooped up at home (apart from the daily hospital trips) the whole week, Julio started getting cabin fever. A drive to U.P. for fishballs and a cookie, and to get some air.


Drawing in the soil


Wearing mismatched patterns for a walk around the block


Written on the wall in the bathroom of Jamba Juice BHS


Getting ready to jump!


Playing with Legos, and refusing to leave. Julio and I would say, “Let’s go, Bea?” and she would reply, “Not yet.” or “Building house.”



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