My Life This Week #9

Julio was still sick last week but he went to basketball practice anyway on Monday. Bea and I went along with him, as he said he wouldn’t stay long. Bea decided to have some fun with a spare ball.


His co-coaches kept commenting on how yellow he seemed to be and only then did I notice it. So it was back to the laboratory for more tests and it turned out to be Hepatitis A, not dengue as we initially thought.


We had a long weekend last week, due to All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day (November 1 and 2, not sure which holiday falls on which date) so my whole family drove up to Baguio on October 31st. My parents and uncle left in the morning, and it took them seven hours to get there! Julio, Bea and I left in the afternoon and arrived at the Baguio Country Club at 9pm. I really like the stone walls.


We woke up the next day to a foggy morning.


I wonder how these guys were able to even see where their balls went.


The view of the country club from our cottage, once the fog cleared


My parents’ cottage of choice – Cottage 109


Pretty Baguio flowers


We got to Baguio too late and missed the trick-or-treating, but Bea still used her butterfly wings and wand the day after. That boo-boo by her left eye? She fell down the stairs of the cottage while trying to reach for her bottle, which her dad was holding.


Bea meets an over-friendly golden retriever


Parking lot at night. Creepy!


Eating a donut almost as big as her face.


Carvings on a tree on the road to Minesview Park.


Back in Manila, the ceiling draping at a friend’s wedding.


More in My Life This Week #10!


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