30 Off! Week 2

I’ve fallen off the wagon and gone back to my pre-diet weight.

That’s right – I gained back the 4 lbs. I lost. Make that 5 lbs., because I lost another pound sometime at the beginning of the week. Then the weekend rolled around and I gained it ALL back. I must admit, I have not exactly been eating healthily nor have I been sticking to my self-imposed one serving rule.

Bugger. I can’t believe I gained 5 lbs. in the span of just as many days! I started the week properly but began eating junk food and other no-nos by Wednesday. I did work out twice this week, so yay for me on that end. I even had a little workout partner!




Bea has her own kettlebell (given to her by one of Julio’s friends) but, don’t worry, she is not yet allowed to even carry it.

I do have to give myself a slap on the wrist for cheating (a lot!) this week. I had cake and donuts and dessert and lots of starch. Bad Ynez.

So I promise to do much better this week. More veg and NO cheating at all, since I cheated almost every day last week. Let’s just keep the McDonalds double cheeseburger and fries I had for lunch yesterday a secret, deal? Just between you and me though, that meal was not at all worth it.

Current Weight: 130 lbs. – again!

My Life This Week #6

Last week started out so slowly, then Wednesday onwards became a blur. Nothing really happened during the week, as I had to make up for work I missed out on when we were away. But by the time the weekend rolled around, I was able to take some snapshots of what I was up to.

Stuck indoors because of a rainy morning


Checked out the new mall that opened up in our area – U.P. Town Center


Tried out the new neighborhood cupcake place.


The interiors were too cute!


I do like the way they decorated the place. Very shabby chic.


Lunch with relatives to welcome home my uncle, who moved back to Manila after about 40 years in Switzerland.


Bea trying to figure out how to get in on the cousin fun


Walking in her Papa’s slippers


More adventures next week!