Surprise Cupcakes

When Bea was younger, she was such a joy to feed because she would eat everything we gave her. Travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam was no trouble at all because we didn’t need to lug around bottles and formula, and she ate everything we ate. Shortly after she turned a year old, however, Bea suddenly became the pickiest eater. Pasta without sauce, meat and rice, no soup, and certainly no vegetables. She will turn her nose up at anything she doesn’t recognize. I used to be able to hide little pieces of veg under the rice and meat in her spoon but eventually she could taste the difference. There are some fruits she will eat, but she won’t have them every day.

I was flipping through my Weelicious cookbook and there was a recipe for Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes with a secret ingredient: beets. Aha! I could get Bea to eat her vegetables after all! So I made them one weekend and even made the cream cheese frosting pink, thinking that the color would entice her to eat a cupcake.


Boy, was I ever wrong! As soon as I presented her with a cupcake, she said, “But I don’t like pink icing!” What a letdown. There goes that idea. She did eat a couple though, with only sprinkles and no icing.

I shared some with my in-laws, and told my father-in-law that they had beets in them. When I told Julio, he said that his dad HATES beets. He refuses to have them in russian salad. The next morning, my mother-in-law came over and asked if it was strawberry icing. I had to confess they were beets, but I’m glad she couldn’t taste them! Turns out, my father-in-law liked them because they were not too sweet. Julio asked him, “You know what the secret ingredient is?” and he answered, “Strawberries?” Either he didn’t hear what I said when I put the plate of cupcakes the table, or he wasn’t listening. My mother-in-law gave me looks across the table, warning me not to admit that they were definitely not strawberries. Oh well, at least the cupcakes were a hit with someone!

My Life This Week #6

Last week started out so slowly, then Wednesday onwards became a blur. Nothing really happened during the week, as I had to make up for work I missed out on when we were away. But by the time the weekend rolled around, I was able to take some snapshots of what I was up to.

Stuck indoors because of a rainy morning


Checked out the new mall that opened up in our area – U.P. Town Center


Tried out the new neighborhood cupcake place.


The interiors were too cute!


I do like the way they decorated the place. Very shabby chic.


Lunch with relatives to welcome home my uncle, who moved back to Manila after about 40 years in Switzerland.


Bea trying to figure out how to get in on the cousin fun


Walking in her Papa’s slippers


More adventures next week!


My Life This Week #4

I really should rename this series to My Life Last Week or something to that effect. I haven’t been posting on Sundays, which is the day I had hoped to post for this series.

Merienda with Bea, my dad and brother at my dad’s favorite merienda spot.


Julio and I started on the Paleo Diet/Slow-Carb Diet. Probably more for my sake than his though. It tastes just as bad as it looks.


This dish was much better, but still tasteless as salt is a no-no. Boo.


Bea’s birthday breakfast – chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and bacon. We made that day a cheat day. Yippee!


The birthday girl testing out her Strider bike.


Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake for the first time!




And a fantastic strawberry shortcake to end the week.


Notice anything? Mostly photos of food!