My Week in Photos #13

Checking out the new coffee shop, Craft, down the street from my parents house


Digging the reclaimed wood furniture


Split pea soup for dinner (recipe from David Lebovitz) – my first time to make it!


Yogurt, granola and strawberries makes a healthy-ish breakfast


Waiting for my turn at the cashier


Christmas display at Shangri-la Plaza mall. I wish I had brought Bea along to see it!


Drove to Anilao for the weekend. Two lolos (grandfathers) vying for the little one’s attention


Sorting the shells and corals


Look at that face!


Wrinkled fingers from soaking in the water too long, trying to get Bea accustomed to swimming


Siesta time!


Blessed to be able to wake up in a place with this gorgeous view


Life in the middle of stones and dead corals


Missing the husband, who stayed home


More photos soon!


My Week in Photos #12

A sunny break in between the downpour that started the week.


Someone finally slept the whole night in her bed! Unfortunately, she was back to climbing over me and into our bed the next night.


Waiting for my turn at the endocrinologist’s clinic. The doctor said I have to have a lifestyle change because of my borderline diabetes. In other words, time to move my butt and exercise!


Breakfast at Pi to celebrate my father-in-law’s 76th birthday. Anyone notice how often we’re at that restaurant?


I had Eggs Sammy, or eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham. As usual, I preferred what Julio ordered – caramelized spam with kimchi rice.


Just a few more weeks, and it’s Christmas already! I decided to put up our holiday decorations so that the 2 months or so that they’re on display will make it worth the trouble of putting them up.


Dusk at the Veloso household, with all the Christmas lights on



More next week!


My Week in Photos #11

Wow, November’s going by pretty quickly! Here’s what I was up to the week of November 11 to 17.

Cooked pad thai for the first time. It’s definitely worth a repeat but next time I’ll add more hotness to it.


Got stuck in traffic. I should have known better than to drive down Katipunan on a school day, close to dismissal time.


Someone got a treat for dessert!


Attended a homeschooling seminar. Bea’s only two years old but we have to start thinking about her education. I’ want to choose homeschooling over conventional school but am getting A LOT of opposition.


Bought my little girl two books. I used to read Sally’s Secret in the school library when I was a kid.


Here in the Philippines, there’s a saying that you should stop somewhere else on your way home from a wake so that the spirit of the recently deceased (or any other spirit, for that matter) won’t follow you home. Being the scaredy cat that I am, I was more than happy to stop for coffee! Although, in hindsight, the peppermint mocha I had probably contributed to my inability to fall asleep right away that night.


Dutch baby pancakes for Sunday breakfast. This recipe called for apples but I only had pears so used those instead. It turned out so yummy! I really liked the gooey-ness of the honey at the bottom of the pancake. It has to be served upside down, which I forgot to do so the plates were quite difficult to clean after.


One of the several graffiti walls at The Collective.


Another wall at The Collective on Malugay Street, Makati City.


Wings for lunch at Wingman


A great way to end the weekend – a foot reflexology massage at Footzone!



My Week in Photos #10

Given that I always post this series a week later than I’m supposed to, I thought it better to change the name of this series to My Week in Photos.

My week started with a trip to a car shop. On our way back to Manila from Baguio, we were rear-ended by another vehicle. I had to wait until the next Monday to have the damage (which was minimal) assessed and estimated by a mechanic.


This little girl is getting so big so fast!


Fried chicken and biscuits for dinner – I can’t remember where I got the recipe from!


I wonder what these two are up to…


Chicken and waffle breakfast at Pi


I wish Bea had been with me to see this train going around the third floor of Eastwood Mall


First night in her toddler bed – but right beside ours. I wish I could say she slept there the whole night. That’s still a work in progress.


Apple scones for Sunday breakfast


All dolled up for a busy Sunday!



My Life This Week # 7

Last week turned out to be my cheat week. I’ll have to get back on track and be good this week. I promise to try to eat better this time around!

Dog walking in U.P.


Mommy-and-me pink rubber shoes


Bitter gourds growing in our “garden”


Didn’t know what else to cook for dinner so I bought ready-to-cook BBQ pork chops and threw together a salad of fuji apples, corn and arugula with roasted sesame dressing. And of course, a bottle of ice-cold Corona to wash it all down.


Lunch with Julio and Bea at the new restaurant in the neighbourhood, π Breakfast and Pies. Their compost cookies were pretty good, BTW.


Eggs Benny at the same resto


Waiting at the new Starbucks at 151 Shaw (or was it 515? I don’t remember)


At a friend’s house, this amazing chandelier made out of capiz balls and roots


Dinner with some good friends after ages of not seeing one another!


Lazy Sunday breakfast – poached egg with chorizo, corn and croutons. Recipe from Serious Eats. That’s Bea, stealing a crouton from my bowl. She loves bread!


My Life This Week #3

More like, My Life Last Week!

One of my sister’s many bridal showers – a cookbook shower! Awesome idea.


Bubble fun!


Attended the last of several real estate seminars I signed up for.


Went grocery shopping with the little one, who didn’t take her afternoon nap.


Rainy Saturday dinner with my in-laws (and my nephew’s Thomas the Train collection).


French toast with a strawberry-mascarpone topping for a lazy Sunday breakfast.


Visited one of my  friends and her newborn daughter. So precious!


An afternoon blogpost writing (and gossip) date with my two best friends. Coffee and cake. What can beat that?


My parents hosted a despedida de soltera for my sister – a farewell-to-singlehood party traditionally thrown by the bride-to-be’s family. That’s my husband, Julio, grinning at the camera.


Stay tuned for the next installment in this series!


My Life This Week #2

Another week gone by. Same old, except that I turned 33.

Here’s how last week went:

An attempt at eating healthy.

DSC01581 copy

A birthday gift from my husband – a not-so-subtle way of telling me I need to start exercising?

DSC01583 copy

Lunch with my parents and sister – but honestly, I chose the restaurant for its tomato-cheese fondue and to-die-for coffee pie!

DSC01584 copy

Birthday dinner with Julio. I love sashimi and uni. Except maybe I had a bit too much. Enough to make me not want to look at it again. Or, at least, not until next year.

IMG_3241 copy

Merienda with two of my best friends at The Royal Picadilly, our newest go-to restaurant. And cocktails at 3:00 in the afternoon? Why not!

DSC01594 copy

A rainy but lovely Sunday morning spent with the little one at a cafe then a bookstore.

DSC01595 copy

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of My Life This Week!