My Week in Photos #11

Wow, November’s going by pretty quickly! Here’s what I was up to the week of November 11 to 17.

Cooked pad thai for the first time. It’s definitely worth a repeat but next time I’ll add more hotness to it.


Got stuck in traffic. I should have known better than to drive down Katipunan on a school day, close to dismissal time.


Someone got a treat for dessert!


Attended a homeschooling seminar. Bea’s only two years old but we have to start thinking about her education. I’ want to choose homeschooling over conventional school but am getting A LOT of opposition.


Bought my little girl two books. I used to read Sally’s Secret in the school library when I was a kid.


Here in the Philippines, there’s a saying that you should stop somewhere else on your way home from a wake so that the spirit of the recently deceased (or any other spirit, for that matter) won’t follow you home. Being the scaredy cat that I am, I was more than happy to stop for coffee! Although, in hindsight, the peppermint mocha I had probably contributed to my inability to fall asleep right away that night.


Dutch baby pancakes for Sunday breakfast. This recipe called for apples but I only had pears so used those instead. It turned out so yummy! I really liked the gooey-ness of the honey at the bottom of the pancake. It has to be served upside down, which I forgot to do so the plates were quite difficult to clean after.


One of the several graffiti walls at The Collective.


Another wall at The Collective on Malugay Street, Makati City.


Wings for lunch at Wingman


A great way to end the weekend – a foot reflexology massage at Footzone!