My Life This Week # 7

Last week turned out to be my cheat week. I’ll have to get back on track and be good this week. I promise to try to eat better this time around!

Dog walking in U.P.


Mommy-and-me pink rubber shoes


Bitter gourds growing in our “garden”


Didn’t know what else to cook for dinner so I bought ready-to-cook BBQ pork chops and threw together a salad of fuji apples, corn and arugula with roasted sesame dressing. And of course, a bottle of ice-cold Corona to wash it all down.


Lunch with Julio and Bea at the new restaurant in the neighbourhood, π Breakfast and Pies. Their compost cookies were pretty good, BTW.


Eggs Benny at the same resto


Waiting at the new Starbucks at 151 Shaw (or was it 515? I don’t remember)


At a friend’s house, this amazing chandelier made out of capiz balls and roots


Dinner with some good friends after ages of not seeing one another!


Lazy Sunday breakfast – poached egg with chorizo, corn and croutons. Recipe from Serious Eats. That’s Bea, stealing a crouton from my bowl. She loves bread!


My Life This Week #2

Another week gone by. Same old, except that I turned 33.

Here’s how last week went:

An attempt at eating healthy.

DSC01581 copy

A birthday gift from my husband – a not-so-subtle way of telling me I need to start exercising?

DSC01583 copy

Lunch with my parents and sister – but honestly, I chose the restaurant for its tomato-cheese fondue and to-die-for coffee pie!

DSC01584 copy

Birthday dinner with Julio. I love sashimi and uni. Except maybe I had a bit too much. Enough to make me not want to look at it again. Or, at least, not until next year.

IMG_3241 copy

Merienda with two of my best friends at The Royal Picadilly, our newest go-to restaurant. And cocktails at 3:00 in the afternoon? Why not!

DSC01594 copy

A rainy but lovely Sunday morning spent with the little one at a cafe then a bookstore.

DSC01595 copy

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of My Life This Week!