Several months ago, J and I had agreed to hire some carpenters to custom-make a bookcase for the space under our stairs so I removed the desk that was there and put everything on it away neatly. I guess J was getting a bit impatient and disturbed by the clutter because he asked me when the carpenters were supposed to start. Confession: honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it. Finally, I got around to asking a couple of carpenters to work on it. The perks of having a dad in the development business! 
A couple of nights before they were going to start, I decided I wanted to have a cabinet built in our bedroom – my present closet is in another room and frankly I was tired of having to leave our room just to get a change of clothes. So I printed out a photo of a bookcase and a photo of a cabinet, the styles of which I wanted the carpenters to copy. When I showed the photos to them the next day, they said they’d need to make a few changes because of the layout of our room and of our staircase. Fine, I said. We went over the size of each and one of them asked me, why not make the cabinet 6 feet wide, to maximize the sheets of plywood? I said fine again. 
Little did I know how much space that darn cabinet was actually going to take up! I was at work and my husband sent me a photo of the cabinet shell, and texted me that it was huge. Oh my god. I was at a loss for words but I had to say I needed it and would share it with him if he liked. 
It’s been a week and the carpenters are nearly done with the project. We had to sleep at my in-laws’ last night (and will sleep over a couple more nights) because of the smell of paint. We didn’t want Little B to inhale the fumes, and the smell was dizzying! I am happy with the way the bookcase turned out, but am still a little unsure about the cabinet.