Sewing Skillz

Little B ran through her cloth diaper supply this afternoon. I bring about 5 extra inserts and diapers from home, and she used them all up by 3pm. To top it off, she soiled her last remaining change of clothes. So what was a Mama to do? Thank goodness I work in my parents’ house, so I still have a bunch of clothes in my old room. I grabbed an old shirt and cut it Little B size.

Using a pen, I outlined the shirt for Little B. I cut on the lines and cut off about 4 inches from the hem. Then using the sewing techniques I learned in high school (14 years ago!), I sewed up the sides, making sure not to sew up the armholes.

You’ll see the stitches are nothing great, and terribly loose, but they seem to have done the job.


Here’s the finished product, as modeled by Little B herself:


Not bad, eh? Of course the neckline is way too loose but I didn’t know how to make it smaller. I’ll try and fix up the stitches – maybe use a sewing machine this time.